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WATER REMOVAL: Proper water removal begins with identifying the source of the water intrusion and determining the water category. Category one water damage would likely come from a clean water source like a bathroom faucet, kitchen supply line, or overflow bathtub. Category two water damage would come from a dishwasher, sump pump, or washing machine. Category three water damage are overflow toilet with sewage or urine, water from crawlspace, attic or flood water from the ground entering the structure. Effective water removal can be achieved by using the proper extraction tools, the more water you remove from porous materials, like carpet, the faster you will be able to achieve effective drying and reduce the overall cost of the job. Top To Bottom Renovation, INC. of Marlow Heights Maryland have the experience, professionals and equipment to perform proper water removal from your home or property. After the water removal process is completed, air should be introduced into the chamber using powerful air movers, dehumidifiers must be placed in strategic locations to condense moist air into water. It is recommended that anti-microbial agent be used on category two and three water damage.