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Any size water intrusion can become a serious problem regardless of the source if not properly dried without delay. Water Damage is the most common reason for home owners insurance claims and second only to fire and smoke damage in cost and severity. Water can cause immense damage to your personal property, therefore, immediate action to dry the structure is vital.

TIP – Don't Report Water Damage to your insurance company unless you are sure it is covered. If it is not covered by your policy it may still go on your insurance record and looks like a claim when you shop for insurance in the future.

Your Quick-Response Team

When you contact us for assistance, our IICRC-certified technicians will come to your location as quickly as possible. We typically arrive on-site within 30 minutes for clients in Prince Georges and Charles counties and 90 minutes for the surrounding areas. Once there, we complete the following jobs if necessary, by using the latest equipment:

  • Flood and Water Damage Clean Up
  • Sewage Backup Remediation
  • Mold Remediation
  • Water Mitigation
  • Rebuild & Repairs
  • Insurance

Water Damage Timeline

Within minutes, moisture sensitive surface such as cabinets, baseboard and wood can swell and become disfigured, paper goods are ruined and furniture stains begin to appear on carpeting which typically stained it permanently.


For our clients’ convenience, we accept all insurance claims. We will also complete all of the required paperwork for you and bill your insurance carrier directly.

As a trusted leader in water damage restoration in Marlow Heights, MD, and the surrounding counties, Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc understands the necessity of responding quickly to your home’s water damage needs. Timing is crucial when it comes to containing the spread of the damage to your house. Delayed in response time increases your home’s exposure to standing water, amplifying the damage and, therefore, the cost of the repair. Our commitment to the communities we serve compels us to act immediately to provide water restoration service that first: contains, mitigate, and then repairs the damage.

Our knowledge and over 35 years’ experience set us apart from other water restoration companies. We pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our work and our attention to detail. Water travels in a three dimensional pattern and often begins in hard to detect places, that’s why you need an experienced water restoration company to give your home a thorough inspection that catches moisture at its source. We use state of the art Flir infrared thermal imaging technology that can detect water, moisture, and heat behind any walls and crevices.

Turn to Us for Emergency Water Damage Service

Ineffectual attempts at water restoration can have a significantly negative impact on your property and over time can cause secondary damages not to mention the detrimental effect that indoor air infested with mold spores can have on your health. When your home’s indoor materials absorb water, they begin to warp, swell, crack, and otherwise lose effectiveness, paint begins to bubble, flooring buckles and before long mold and mildew settles in. These are major issues that can seriously jeopardize your health, livability and value of your home.

Top To Bottom Renovation, INC technicians are experts in water damage mitigation and structural drying, we work directly for you and make sure all of your priorities are met and that your structural content are handled properly and efficiently.

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