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Water damage cleanup is the first step towards mitigating the damage and restoring your home, property, or business to its pre-loss condition after water damage has occurred. Common causes of water damage are broken water pipes, overflown toilet, broken supply line, malfunctioning sprinkler system, or storm damage. To properly perform water damage cleanup, you must first identify and contain the source of the leak, then determine the water category and classification. Wet porous materials like insulation, laminate, vinyl flooring and MDF wood trim must be removed. The removal of other porous materials will depend on the water category.

Water Categories are: CAT 1 , CAT 2, CAT 3 & CAT 4

Category 1: Water damage or leaks that occur from a clean water source, i.e. supply lines from sink, tub shower and hot water tanks.

Category 2: Water Damage or gray water that occur from dishwashers, rinse water, or sump pump.

Category 3: Water damage occurring from raw sewage, flood water from the ground, water from below the toilet trap, toilet overflow with water containing urine or feces and water in attic or crawlspace.

Category 4: Water damage otherwise known as special circumstances are water loss that contains chemicals, oil, electricity, or other hazardous materials and are most likely found in commercial buildings.

As a note:

Most wet items on category 1 water loss can be dried in place except for the wet insulation, MDF wood trim, laminate and vinyl flooring. All wet items on category 2 water loss except for the porous materials listed in category 1 can be dried in place but must be treated with an EPA approved anti-microbial agent and carpet must be cleaned with hot water. All affected items on a category 3 water loss must be contained, torn out, treated with anti-microbial and be properly removed.

Water Classes are: Class 1, 2 & 3

Water classes are used to identify the size and scope of water damage. Class 1 water damage are damages affecting 5% or less of the affected space. Class 2 water damage affect more than 5% of the affected space but less than 40% of the affected space. Class 3 water damage affects 40% or more of damaged space. Water categories do not change the class of water, i.e., a category 3 loss affecting 5% or less of an area is still a class 1 water loss. Categories determine the severity of the loss, water class determined the size of the loss.