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Raw sewage is a bio- hazard and this type of clean up should never be attempted by anyone who is not an experience professional with proper bio- hazard training.

Top To Bottom Renovation, INC of Marlow Heights MD and the surrounding counties specialize in sewage Back- up remediation. With raw sewage there are levels of sterilization and sanitizing that cannot be achieve using household products or done by an un- trained person. We achieved this level of sewage back-up remediation by first: Containing the affected area, pre – treating and breaking down solid waste, applying plant base anti-microbial, agitating, scrub, rinse, extract the water, and repeating the cycle three times, tear out all porous materials, install HEPPA Filtered AFD, apply deodorizer and installing dehumidifiers and air movers. Sewage or other bio- hazard carries bacteria and viruses that are dangerous to your health. Our specialized cleaning method and anti- microbial solutions allow us to eliminate spores and bacteria viruses. When we leave your home or property, you can be assured that we are leaving an environment that is clean and free from odor and contaminants.

The idea of sewage clean-up is never enjoyable, so when it becomes urgent due to sewer lines and toilet backing up, people panic about what they ought to do. Fortunately, we are here when you need sewage damage restoration in Marlow Heights, MD and the surrounding counties. Our clean-up service is your answer to a backed-up sewer.

When raw sewage, debris, grease, and other materials clog sewer pipes, we work meticulously to get the situation under control and remove the raw sewage from your property. At Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc, our experienced team is always ready to restore the functionality and livability of your home by extracting the water and remediating the damage.

Professional Sewage Back-Up Remediation

Sewage back-ups are unfortunately frequent, and they are the result of blockages in your main sewer line that prevent the normal drainage of water. The resulting backup makes your home or office vulnerable to a variety of damages.

When disaster strikes, we specialize in emergency sewer damage restoration to return your home or workspace to its clean, dry, sanitary condition. Our sewer damage technicians are a¬†reliable choice you can depend on for prompt, thorough attention to your property. We’ll even fill out your paperwork and file your insurance claim for a hassle-free experience.