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If your home has recently sustained water damage, there’s a chance that mold is already growing in your walls, flooring, or ceiling.

Mold spores are always present, even in dry climate. Mold and fungi spores can flourish into large colonies when moisture is present and can grow in places you can’t see, it starts with a water intrusion that is left untreated, over time it will flourish, typically in days if materials remain wet. When indoors, they can accumulate to unsafe levels that may negatively affect your health, what’s more, mold is the cause of the foul odors that follow water damage. Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc of Marlow Heights, MD will work quickly to get rid of your mold problem. If you think that mold has started to thrive inside your home or business, call us for a free visual inspection. Our mold damage remediation service will remove the mold, odor, sanitize the air, and prevent further damages.

Mold Remediation Service

Mold remediation can be a daunting task, it is dangerous and can cause major health problem and substantial damage to any home or structure. Assessing the problem, and determining a solution should be left to a certified professional. Mold Remediation is done by:

  1. Sealing all ventilation in the affected area to prevent cross contamination.
  2. Build containment chamber/s.
  3. Perform microbial testing.
  4. Write A Hygienist Mold Protocol.
  5. Install HEPPA AFD device to remove mold spores and particulate from the air. HEPPA Filters remove particulate as small as 99.3 microns from the air.
  6. HEPPA Vacuum all affected area.
  7. Remove porous materials, e.g. drywall, and insulation.
  8. Apply commercial grade anti-microbial, sand, and apply anti – microbial paint coating to affected wood studs, walls, and flooring, then introduce warm humified air.

Call Top To Bottom Renovation INC 866-746-5826 for emergency mold remediation and removal service

Wind And Storm Damage Service

When strong winds and powerful storm damage your home or business call Top to Bottom Renovation Inc of Marlow Heights, MD for wind and storm damage services. As a water restoration company and licensed General Contractor we are uniquely equipped to handle whatever mother nature throws at you. *We are a one stop shop, no need to call multiple specialty contractor*

Call Today: 866-746-5826. Weather you are in need of tree and debris removal, structural repairs, missing siding, roof or truss replacement, we do it all.


No matter when disaster strikes, our team of professional is on call 24/7 to provide emergency wind and storm damage service. We will take immediate action to secure your home or business to prevent further damages. We will perform temporary tarping or board up to prevent exposure from the elements and unwanted intruder. When your property is affected by wind, hail, or storm, it is at risk for water damage and mold growth, therefore, it is important to mitigate the damage as soon as possible.

Top To Bottom Renovation INC. Of Marlow Heights MD has been assisting homeowners in Marlow Heights MD and the surrounding counties for over 35 years. We are a trusted name in our community, we understand that when your home, property, or place of business is damage it can be a difficult time for you and your family, we will work with your insurance company every step of the way to ensure that your home, property, or place of business is repaired quickly and without compromising quality and craftmanship.

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