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Top To Bottom Renovation, INC. Of Marlow Heights Maryland Is A One Stop Shop For Flood Restoration Services. IICRC Certified. Licensed. Insured. Bonded.

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We have the fastest response time and accept all insurance claims. Floods have the ability to cause structural damage to your home and/or commercial space. Excessive water has the ability to cause buckling of floors, room and foundation cracks.  A flooded home has the ability to cause damage for years if not dealt with properly and in the right amount of time. If the flood is coming from water within your home you will want to follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the water at the source (your water main)
  2. Turn off all electricity that is near the water at the breaker box
  3. Immediately evacuate the premises
  4. Call Top to Bottom Renovations as soon as possible
  5. Document everything – your belongings and where the water was pooling. No detail is too small.

Flooding can happen any time – you need to be prepared.

Mother Nature has proven time and again that she is a force to be reckoned with! Each year millions of homes across America fall victim to flooding, however, the most common cause of water damage to a home comes from failed plumbing, where materials worn out or a pipe burst.

These incidents can cost you upwards of $30,000 in structural damage. The point being, water damage is expensive! As soon as possible call Top To Bottom Renovation. We know the proper steps to take and are here to ensure that your home is in the best hands possible. Call today to for more information!